National Initiative

In 2015, The Fort Worth Police Department was selected to be one of six pilot cities to participate in the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice pilot program: Procedural Justice.

This program was formulated by some of the highest regarded academic minds in the country from Yale, Harvard and UCLA as well as law enforcement professionals from several top agencies in the country including NYPD and Chicago PD.

One of the goals of the Procedural Justice program is to increase Police Legitimacy using the 4 Principles of Procedural Justice: Voice, Neutrality, Respect, and Trustworthiness.

To accomplish this goal, the entire Fort Worth Police Department began by participating in three phases of training to include scenarios and group discussions. This training included topics regarding the history of race relations between police and citizens throughout history. The training also included implicit bias awareness and emotional intelligence tools so that officers can enhance their abilities to interact with all citizens regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.

In 2016, the Fort Worth Police Department’s Procedural Justice Unit was formed with the mission of providing training and support to the Fort Worth Police Department and citizenry that enhances internal and external police legitimacy thereby increasing trust, reducing crime, improving officer and public safety and helping achieve the goals of our department.

The Procedural Justice Unit strives to increase legitimacy within the community, provide outreach and support, focus on crime prevention strategies, and building trusting relationships between law enforcement and the public.

The Procedural Justice Unit provides insight regarding oversight, accountability, and enhancing legitimacy throughout the entire chain of command. The Procedural Justice Unit has also held and facilitated Community Conversations at different events and locations within the City of Fort Worth to include the following: Mercedes-Benz Diversity Discussion Panel, Chief’s Advisory Board, Fatherhood Coalition of Tarrant County, Faith and Community Leaders United Town Hall, FWPD Webcast Wednesday, CAPA and MAC, Remington College Criminal Justice Program Advisory Board, FWISD After School Program, Congressman Marc Veasey’s Town Hall, CommUnity Frontline, and IQRA for Peace Town Hall.

For more information regarding the Procedural Justice Program in the City of Fort Worth, please contact us at

Additional resources regarding the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice can be found on the Trust and Justice website.

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