Intelligence Section

The Fort Worth Police Department Homeland Security/Intelligence Unit was created in 2001 under the Special Services Bureau. Our mission is to collect, evaluate, analyze, and disseminate intelligence data regarding criminal activity in the City of Fort Worth and any criminal activity in other jurisdictions that may adversely affect the City of Fort Worth. If you would like to help us with our mission by providing information, please email us.

How do we accomplish our mission:

  • Supply the Chief of Police with accurate and current strategic intelligence data so that the Chief will be kept informed of changing criminal activity in the jurisdiction.
  • Provide a descriptive analysis of organized crime systems operating within the jurisdiction to provide operational units with the necessary data to identify organized crime groups and individuals working as criminal enterprises.
  • Plan and provide security for dignitaries visiting the City of Fort Worth. We will assist other agencies such as the Secret Service and the
  • Diplomatic Protection Service, as well as, other local agencies in providing dignitary protection.

Activities that need to be reported to us:

  • Terrorist Groups
  • Racial/Anti-Semitic activity
  • Labor/strike activity
  • Subversive/Extremist groups
  • Gangs/Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity

The Police Homeland Security/Intelligence Unit recognizes the delicate balance between the individual rights of citizens and the legitimate needs of law enforcement. In light of this recognition, the unit will perform all of its intelligence activities in a manner that is consistent with and upholds those rights.

Fort Worth Police Department Honor Code

I will respectfully serve the citizens of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Police Department. I will dedicate myself to the protection of life, property, and our public trust. My integrity, character, and courage will be above reproach, and I will accept no less from other members of our department.